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Mi, 14 Oktober 2020 - 42 Minuten

The New Normal of Product Interaction

The New Normal of Product Interaction

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Discover new opportunities for your business with latest insights from our international Smart Connected Products experience.

The advancement of digital technologies like cloud, internet of things and artificial intelligence has led in the past years to the integration of connectivity, software functions, and data collected in a wide range of electro-mechanical products, from small consumer devices to large manufacturing machines - turning them into so-called Smart Connected Products.

The white paper takes a closer look at the emergence of Smart Connected Products, which has led to a reference architecture in their supporting ecosystems.

The first part of this white paper concludes by introducing a maturity model to help companies benchmark their capabilities. The second part focuses on the business implications of Smart Connected Products, and introduces key components of business models, which are illustrated by successful examples in the market.

Finally, the white paper summarises the business perspective by discussing 10 strategic decisions originally identified by [Porter et al.]. and outlines NTT DATA humancentric viewpoint design sprint approach specifically focused on Smart Connected Products.

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