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Do, 28 Januar 2021 - 20 Minuten

Avasant: Blockchain Services 2020 Radar View NTT DATA Leader

NTT DATA wurde im Blockchain Services RadarView™ Bericht 2020 von Avasant zum dritten Mal in Folge als Branchenführer ausgezeichnet. Der Bericht stellt die IT-Dienstleister mit den wirkungsvollsten Blockchain-Implementierungen und -Strategien im vergangenen Jahr vor.

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Blockchain has moved beyond the hype as companies have realized business value from select use cases such as identity management, supply chain management, invoice reconciliation, and cross-border payment. They have also understood the advantages private blockchain networks bring across governance, performance, and scalability, promoting adoption.

Avasant’songoing interactions with industry leaders indicate that enterprises must use blockchain for specific, promising use cases. In addition, to drive true value from blockchain with limited adoption challenges, they need to adopt private blockchain.

The Blockchain Services 2020 RadarView report is aimed at informing enterprises of the best practices in this space, and to provide information regarding key service providers.

Avasant evaluated 30 providers using a rigorous methodology across three key dimensions: practice maturity, investments and innovations, and industry development. Of the 30, 22 are recognized as having brought the most value to the market over the last 12 months.

This report also highlights the key trends in the market and Avasant’sviewpoint on the future direction of the industry over the next 12 to18 months.

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